For Over 30 Years

On More Than 17,000 Medical Flights

Our Own Aircraft, Pilots, Nurses and Paramedics

Ensure Safe Bed-to-Bed Delivery

Of Your Patients Nationwide.

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Experience Matters

Aeromedevac has safely transported thousands of patients by air ambulance around the world.  We offer superior clinical care by an elite jet medical transport team utilizing the most advanced medical care technology.

Advanced Equipment

Delivering the highest standards of medical care to our air transport patients is our top priority. Our specialized fleet is fully equipped for any medical emergency.  Aeromedevac has been flying for over 30 years with an impeccable safety record.

Specialized Care

In order to ensure the safe air medical transport of COVID-19 patients we utilize isolation chambers aboard our air ambulances. We are proud to offer the highest level of care and transportation safety in the fixed wing medical transport industry.

Aeromedevac is certified by the leading accreditation bodies in the air ambulance industry.

Logo of the European Aeromedical Institute. Aeromedevac is certified by Eurami.
National Accrediation Alliance medical transport applications logo. Aeromedevac is NAAMTA certified.
Argus logo. Aeromedevac is Argus certified.
National Air Transport Logo. Aeromedevac is certified by NATA.

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