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Dara B Stillman

"My husband had to be flown from Morelia, Mexico to Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. He had been very ill with a stroke and other medical complications and needed be in a place where he understood the language and could get the therapy necessary to recover. Unfortunately, Mexico doesn’t offer rehabilitation facilities at all. We didn’t have insurance for such a medical evacuation service, so I had to figure out how to access and implement one. It was daunting, especially because at times I didn’t have internet!

After comparing several medical flight services, I decided to use Aeromedevac. There were a few glitches in communication concerning medical reports between the hospital in Morelia and the doctors at Aeromedevac, made more complicated because my husband was still testing positive for COVID, the latest event in his medical journey. At last everything was ready and we had the green light to take off from the airport in Morelia. Our kittens were able to join us on the flight, which was a big comfort to us both.

The team in the office at Aeromedevac and the flight crew, including a nurse and an EMT, were great. The flight was very smooth. Everything, including landing in El Paso to show our passports for Customs and Immigration, went well. In a short time we were landing in Albuquerque and my husband was met by the ambulance to take him to a local hospital for evaluation. A few days later he was in an excellent rehab center receiving the PT, OT, and speech/cognitive therapy he needs.

Although at times I was almost overwhelmed by stress during the process of arranging the flight, I’m very glad we went with Aeromedevac. Theirs is a professional team, helpful at all stages along the way."

Chandra Heeralall

"This company is amazing. First their price was the best of all the quotes I got. They made the whole process very easy. I was very concerned about all the phone calls I would have to make between the two facilities and the ambulance to coordinate the transport. It turns out all I had to do was give Carlos all the contacts and he did all the work. He kept me informed thru out the process and called me with the time that the transport was scheduled for. The medical team was amazing and did a great job in getting my niece save to her new facility. A big thank you to Carlos and his team for being very professional and for doing an amazing job!! Thank you!!"

Kelly Thompson

"Aeromedevac was great and went above and beyond what I expected. I was surprised and so relieved when i realized they made my emergency trip so easy."

G Parnell

"Great professional staff. Got me to the hospital in record time. Fast and safe."

Franklin Parker

 "What lifesavers! I didn't really know what to do when I carelessly injured myself while out of the country. Aeromedevac took care of so much, I really can't believe it. I was in great hands and feel lucky to have had used them."

Darren - Local Guide on Google with 64 Reviews

"They are amazing at what they do. Very professional and compassionate. I felt in safe capable hands the entire time and didnt worry about anything with my insurance.
Great service, great company!"

Zach Madrigal

"I confidently recommend Aeromedevac to any individual or family who needs medical transportation. Its entire team is highly trained and experienced so you can count on a safe, smooth experience from start to finish."

Vicki Jackson

"Made a very trying time, seamless and lifesaving. I can't say enough about the whole team. We were made to feel at such ease and took such great care of my family and I. as well as just about everything else. We can not thank you enough."

Michael Densmore

"Aeromedevac is an amazing company. Prestige service, concierge services, pristine aircrafts, mechanically sound aircraft. The medical transportation and medical staff are the best in the industry. I felt completely taken care of."

Thomas Scola

"Over the winter I took a bad spill while skiing on vacation up in the mountins. I had to get back home but wasn't sure how that was going to happen. Luckily Aeromedevac was able to get me home and to the care I needed."

Clark Wilson

"Over the summer i went traveling with a group of friends. We were having the best time until someone became ill. Very ill and very fast. We knew that our friend needed quality healthcare and asap, so we got in contact with Aeromedevac. The folks there were terrific. We didn't have to worry about a thing and by the next day our sick friend was back in the states and resting after seeing their own doctor. I'm glad we found Aeromedevac."

Erika Brown

"I work in customer service so let me start by saying this company has one of the best and most professional staff I have ever encountered. They were extremely responsive, helpful and friendly. They patiently answered my questions and fulfilled all of my needs, putting my mind at ease during an extremely stressful time for our family. I highly recommend utilizing their services if ever in need."

Janet Grachal

"I can’t begin to express how good my experience with Aeromedevac was. I think I was in shock after my accident in Mexico but I had dealt with Oswaldo Aguilar on several occasions and as soon as he learned I was in the hospital and needed to get to a hospital in the United States he took over and set everything up. I was SO relieved when I heard his voice on the phone. I knew at that point I would be ok. The plane arrived and everyone on board were so professional and caring and before I knew it I was at the hospital and being taken care of. I would highly recommend Aeromedevac."

Keri Figurido

"Everything went beautifully.  The crew is fantastic, equipment is top-notch and service is flawless.  I could not have asked for any better! It was a great, no-hassle flight and I'm extremely pleased and grateful. Thanks so much.  Highly recommended !!!"

Steve Mione

"My pregnant wife and I were vacationing in Texas. She was 7 months pregnant at the time and ended up needing medical care. Flying home in a commercial airline wasn't recommended by our doctor, and driving was not an option, being there was so many spans of areas without hospitals. We got in contact with Aeromedevac and they were fantastic. Everyone was so very kind, patient and very professional. We just want to express our appreciation and say thank you so much for all you did."

Carl Wineberg

"This company is terrific. I hurt myself quite self while doing something foolish while on a trip out of the country. I needed to get back to the states asap to be taken care of medically and they just did that. I was home in no time. They did a great job making me feel comfortable as well as making it as little as a hassle as possible."

Deric Johnson

"Aeromedevac turned something so stressful and trying into as great as experience as possible. They handled everything during my emergency so I could take care of things with my family. They are a great company."

Samantha Scott

"This company is made up of incredible people. Everyone is so dedicated to what they do. My family and I were taken such great care of. Thank you to you all."

Missy Sweet

"The Aeromedevac Team is tremendous. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and take care of anything that they can so you don't have to worry. They come highly recommended, both as a business and as fantastic people."

Pat King

"I'm sure before it happened, I never wondered about what should happen to me if I were in an accident while traveling abroad. It did happen, though and Aeromedevac was the best choice I could have made. They took exceptional care of me and took care of practically everything."

Nicole Lima Walger

 "These people working at this company are unbelievable. They helped save my brother's life. He would have died in a foreign country if they didn't get him home. And they worked through the night, I know because they were calling and e mailing me the entire time. The flight medical team even checked on my brother a day later in the ICU. It isn't just pilots and flight crews, it's people coordinating with both hospitals, ambulances in different countries, and there was even a representative from them who came and made sure my other brother wasn't harassed as he tried to get our brother transported away. They save lives!"

Jane Wilkins

"My family and I were very lucky to have Aeromedevac's services after an accident while out of the country. I hate to think what could have happened without their help."

Ben Ware

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm not sure what I would have done if your flights and medical expertise weren't available to get my mother to the care she needed."

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